Dear EMSAi,

Do you want to be a part of TEDMED LIVE 2015. Listen to Renowned speakers talk about various issues on their field of expertise.

This year working with TEDMED, we want to give our members the ability to stream live to the TEDMED 2015 happening in Palm Springs, California, USA from the 16-18 of November, 2015.

To find out more about TEDMED visit their website:  http://tedmed.com/
Below you will find the details on the event.
TEDMED Live Details:
  • TEDMED Live Video will be available Live, during the event, starting at 6pm PT on November 18 and Ending at 4:30pm PT on November 20.
  • After each session concludes, the video for that session will be available on demand through December 18. (Why wait a month when you can be part of the event, live)
  • Full schedule of the event and sessions found here.
  • Session themes and speakers found here.
  • All Information about TEDMED Live, found here.
Generally, we would to encourage people to gather together to watch in a group to spark discussion, though personal access on a laptop for viewing when convenient certainly isn’t discouraged.
If you or your FMO wants to be a part of this. Please send a mail to secretary@emsa-europe.eu and i can explain further how to go about this and give you the access code to access the program.

Europeanly Yours

Naomi Nathan , EMSA Secretary General


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