Introducing EMSA TCE’16 Trainers Team

Registration for EMSA Training Center of Excellence 2016 is coming soon to end, but first let’s meet this year’s Trainers Team!

Ilhem Boukthir

Hello Awesome People,
Trainings Background : Since I have been introduced to the beautiful world of IFMSA, I had the chance to take part of amazing national, international events and leadership summer schools which made me fall in love with the T world and inspired me to become an IFMSA trainer.
My trainer’s journey started in 2013 as a soft skills trainer and human rights trainer . I had the opportunity to facilitate trainings locally within AssociaMed trainings about facilitation, communication, intercultural learning, with a special focus on my passion which is peace education.
Internationally, I was lucky to be part of TNT trainers team during SCORP Camp in Jordan which was a lifetime experience that I can’t wait to live again with TCE and be part of the journey of the future generation of IFMSA change makers trainers.
Why TNT?
Because as Dalai Lama said “ The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.”
I believe in the power of stories to create change within or around us, to empower people to big achievements. And what a better opportunity than a TNT to connect with the stories of others, to get inspired and inspire, challenge yourself and discover your incredible potential .
Looking forward for our amazing time together in Cluj,

Ciao a tutti!
My training background sees a few sessions held with short meetings with AEGEE (the so called NetWork Meetings) and an INtern Weekend with VISUM, an ESN department in Mannheim, mostly about Fundraising and Public Speaking. Only after i joined my T4T (Training For Trainers) as participant, and in there me and a lovely German girl could deliver a cool session about Leadership.
Next we find an amazing week in Maribor as Trainer and Trainer Coordinator for the TNT (Training New Trainers, ) in Maribor, Slovenia, and then as Trainer in the beMORE8 held by BEST in sweet but damn cold Uppsala, in Sweden. (Bus refitted as hostels are very cool, just make sure that heating is running properly 😉 )
Incoming there is a fancy Motivation Weekend held by LBG Skopje (BEST) and possibly, this magnificent event!
I decided to join the path of the trainer after having taken part on several training events, and having a tremendous fun in every single one. Beholding people meeting from god knows where for the first time and pulling out an amazing week-long program, full of fun and insightful activities, not for personal profit but just because they felt it as a right thing. And when i had the chance to be on first line and delivering on my own, the feeling was amazing! and as you can see, i became addicted to such activities.
TNT should be attended because of the unique experience and boundless opportunities it yields: for me, it opened a great door on a world of personal learning and development and discovering things that would otherwise be arcane mysteries.
So to everyone who managed to survive so far AND got even a bit interested of everything this great event has to offer:
Don’t be shy and apply!
Tanto baci,

Luca Bergamini

Naomi Limaro Nathan

Dear Awesome People,
My journey as a trainer started 2 years ago, in Yeditepe, Turkey. It was a life-changing experience for me. I met amazing people and was able to learn new skills and develop myself in several different areas.
I delivered my first training on procrastination which was a bit challenging for me as I had no co-trainer which is the normal practice after a TNT but after getting an amazing feedback, it really felt great.
After my TNT experience, I started delivering soft skills training everywhere, from local meetings, international meetings to companies. Training on time management, effective communication, burnout and stress, leadership skills to mention a few.
Why should you attend TNT? – Because why shouldn’t you? This is a great opportunity to learn new things, take a step towards changing your world, discover a lot about yourself, and maximize your potentials while meeting new people, building long-lasting friendships and having fun.
Looking forward to meeting you all in Cluj, so we can have a wonderful experience together.
Hugs and Kisses

Hey guys,
Training experience: This very important chapter of my life began in July 2013 in Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. After delivering an amazing (as amazing a first training can be) training on Problem solving with my awesome friend and a well known EMSAi, Damla, my life of personal and professional skills went in a spiral of developing opportunities that opened a door that led me to a place of no return.
Ever since, my training opportunities were always directly tied to EMSA events as I delivered trainings in Heidelberg, Warsaw, Berlin and a handful of trainings in my home country Macedonia. One of the most notable one was during a motivational weekend on Crisis management, simply because of the complexity of the topic, the enjoyment I had and the challenges I faced preparing something that doesn’t really count as a basic soft skill.
The topics I have usually covered are: interpersonal skills, facilitation and fundraising so I am really looking forward to helping the next generation start with the inevitable change the TNT carries with itself and expand the training family with a bunch of quality trainers.
Why the TNT: in the fast changing world we live in right now, getting through school and obtain relevant experience from your field, will not always make you better than the competition. Therefore, we need to constantly find ways to improve ourselves as individuals and get more and more skills that will turn us in the people worthy of improving the world.
Plus we get to have tons of fun in the process. How cool is that?
I hope to see a lot of you in Cluj so that together we can change our lives for the better, one training at a time.
Europeanly yours,
P.S The photo is right after finishing my TNT

Goran Stevanovski

Alma Laszlo

Hello Everyone,
I discovered love for training during my first EMSA General Assembly in Lisbon (2013), where I attended three inspiring sessions. I attended trainings before, but these were somehow different, so I got interested to become an EMSA trainer. My path started also in 2014 at Yeditepe Istanbul, where I delivered my first training on Team Management together with Murat Alparslan.
Since my TCE, I delivered trainings on international level in Plovdiv (2014) and in Berlin (2015) during EMSA GA/AA, but also on national and local levels. I delivered most on topics like Presentation Skills, Leadership and Motivation, because these were commonly asked in my organization, but I love to be challenged with new topics according to participants need. Imagine anything between Change to Project Management or even Fundraising.
My turning point was when one of my first participants became a trainer last year! Her enthusiasm inspired me to stretch my comfort zone further and I applied for TEO 2015/2016 (Thank you, Cristina!) Together we organised a local TNT in February, to supply the need of our organization with further trainers. I’m glad to say that they got inspired themselves and accepted the challenge to organize TCE in Cluj, meaning this edition will be totally special (organized by trainers for trainers).
Why TNT? Because it will change your life!! Not only because of the skills you’ll develop, the fun you’ll have or the friendships you’ll establish, but because it will shift your mindset to think outside the box! I believe that anyone who want’s to become a trainer, should be encouraged!!
Come and develop yourself in TCE!
I’m looking forward to receive YOUR application! What are you waiting for?
Hugs from Cluj,

REGISTRATION For Training New Trainers and Training Old Trainers is still OPEN (here)!!!
For further details feel free to contact Alma LASZLO, EMSA Training and Events Officer (!

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