WELCOME TO THE spring assembly 2018!

The Organising Committee of EMSA-Macedonia as well as the EMSA European Board are pleased to invite you to the EMSA Spring Assembly 2018 which will take place in 23-28 March 2018 in Ohrid, Macedonia!

For detailed information about the event, please refer to the event booklet (shared below).


There will be three registration periods:

  1. Representatives’ registrations (20.11-11.12) for members of the EEB, Local Coordinators, National Coordinators and carriers of proxies as well as guests invited by EMSA Europe,
  2. Members’ registrations (18.12-07.01) for members of EMSA, and
  3. Open registrations (15.01-25.01)

There will be 250 spots provided with accommodation, 20 spots without accommodation and without breakfast, and 20 spots for local students.

The participation fee:

  1. including accommodation is 200 €.
  2. without accommodation and breakfast is 100  €.
  3. for local members is 150 €.
SA'18 booklet (more information about the event can be found here)