Sexual Health Day 2017

  • Do you feel 100% comfortable talking about you sexual life with everybody you encounter?
    What about your sexual problems?
  • Sexual and reproductive health is very personal, so people may have trouble finding or asking for accurate information about it.
    The purposes of sexual health care should be the enhancement of life and personal relationships, and not merely counselling and care related to procreation or sexually transmitted infections. Reproductive health implies that people are able to have a responsible, satisfying and safe sex life and that they have the capability to have children and the freedom to decide if, when and how often to do so.

The 4th September is the International Day of Sexual Health. How much do you know about this topic?


Do you know that

Drug resistance, especially for gonorrhoea, is a major threat to reducing the impact of STIs worldwide.

Over 900 000 pregnant women were infected with syphilis resulting in approximately 350 000 adverse birth outcomes including stillbirth.

Family planning

An estimated 225 million women in developing countries would like to delay or stop childbearing but are not using any method of contraception.

Family planning reinforces people’s rights to determine the number and spacing of their children.

A record number of women now use contraception. The latest figures from the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs show 64% of married and cohabiting women used modern or traditional methods of contraception in 2015 – a significant rise from 36% in 1970. But the figures show wide disparities between and within regions and countries.
Prevalence rates are low in southern Europe and high in the north. But despite the relatively high average for the continent, three countries have rates of less than half: Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Take a stand

Are you interested in raising awareness about AIDS in your city? How cool would it be to organize a flashmob in the middle of the city and in the same time to talk about sexual health?

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