The EMSA Public health Pillar is gathering passionate people who want to work on public health issues in Europe.


A Europe of universal well-being, where all policies and practices promote health and where all have equal access to a high quality health system.
Empower medical students to be key pioneers in the popularization of healthy lifestyle, preventive medicine and health education.

Focus Points of the Pillar

Mental health has been introduced as a focus point already last year by PHD Leon Rensen and I found this topic so crucial and complex, that I decided to continue it. We investigated deeper into it by focusing more on mental health of medical professionals and produced a small report that regards medical students. Moreover, we delivered 2 Pillar Sessions during the Spring Assembly’17 and wrote a policy paper on the matter.

The concept of healthy ageing and in general, the demographic changes in Europe, will soon affect us all. This year, EMSA Public Health Pillar added the international day of elderly persons into EMSA awareness days calendar, developed the report on academic geriatric education (RE:AGE), delivered 2 Pillar Sessions during the Spring Assembly’17 about it and wrote the Healthy Ageing Policy.


●  Empower students to take active part in health education of the society to encourage informed lifestyle choices;

●  Promote a healthy and active lifestyle;

●  Raise awareness in society regarding health threads and mental health issues;

●  Play an active role in European advocacy regarding lifestyle policies;

●  Collaborate with relevant partners in the implementation of objectives related to Public Health.

2016/2017 EMSA Public Health Team

Catalina Creanga

Catalina Creanga

PR Assistant

Jan Skrzypczak

Jan Skrzypczak

Public Health Director

wioleta kitowska

wioleta kitowska

Research Assistant

Public Health Pillar Sessions

Pillar Sessions topics:

  • The challenge of AMR – past, present and future
  • Vaccinations in the EU
  • EU approach to AMR

Pillar Sessions topics:

  • Mental Health
  • Healthy Ageing
  • EMSA Events Code of Conduct

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