Psychological support- is it needed in each medical university?

One of the main topics the Public Health Pillar is focusing on this year is Mental Health. This matter is especially vital amongst medical professionals and medical students, as they are one of the groups at highest risk of developing mental health problems. For example, 1 in 4 medical students suffers from depression and 1 in 10 experiences suicide thoughts.

On a study conducted by European Medical Students’ Association this year, 67 FMO’s from 18 different countries responded. 62,7% answered that their university does provide some kind of psychological support, while 37,3% responded  in the negative. Some of the countries that have psychological support in some universities are Ukraine, Turkey, The Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, Malta, etc.

This leads us to conclude that there are no universal systems in place to support medical students. This might mean that there is no government support, that there is no awareness of the scope of the problem, and/or little knowledge of the social and economic burden.

What do you guys think about psychological support in each university?

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