Proudly European EMSA Newsletter -Updates from AA 2015


Dear EMSA members, dear GA attendees,

with this newsletter we would like to update you on the most important outcomes of the EMSA Autumn Assembly 2015. It was a true pleasure for the EEB to host together with EMSA Berlin his memorable anniversary GA and also one of the biggest in EMSA history.The appintment of the currently vacant EEB positions is ongoing this week and we will sent a full list of the European Boad 2015-2016 next week. The minutes and updated regulations are currently proccessed and will also be released shortly.

I would like to thank the OC, our Alumni, the EEB, our guests and speakers, Charite and you – our members – for making this event so succecssfull and special

Europeanly Yours

Jannis Papazoglou , EMSA President

Pillar Sessions

EMSA directors did their best to prepare amazing pillar sessions which will be worthy of this legendary EMSA GA. This time many different EMSAis also had the chance to conduct some of the pillar sessions. Apart from the session leading, EMSAis had the greatest chance to exchange their ideas with their European fellows, put lots of input into their association by providing first class ideas and got involved in many fun processes 🙂

European Integration and Culture gave very precious session on “European Residency”. EMSAis were informed on different conditions of residency programs in Europe in a very enjoyable session. Apart from that striking one, Child Psychology and Sign Language sessions also collected one of the biggest audiences and best feed-backs during AA.

Medical Education started with a great introductory session to make EMSAis more knowledgeable about the basics of pillar. Then went on with our interprofessional collaboration efforts on the field and “Digital Literacy in Medical Education”.

Medical Ethics and Human Rights kept being the sexiest EMSA pillar after its “Transplantation of Ideas” session. Very interesting ideas from selling your organs! to different organ procurement policies have been talked during that session. Human rights was also a very crucial part of EMSA GA again. Third E&HR session was on Ethical Aspects on Cancer Palliation as having guest speaker from Helios Klinik Berlin-Buch, Prof. Dr. Michael Hünerbein.

Medical Science had its first pillar session on an interesting approach on success and failure. “Women in Science” session emphasized the medical gender research whereas learning about Hardy-Wineberg on family heritage and genetics during last session.

Public Health pillar talked about the “kitchen” of its field in Europe. Two amazing sessions on “Public Health planning and “Role of Medical Student in Public Health Sector” highlighted the importance of we medical students’ involvement in public health procedures. Another very fruitful session was on Tobacco Advocacy where our Alumni coordinator, Nick Schneider, was guest speaker.

Adopted Policies

The EMSA 25th Autumn Assembly was a big one for our policy work, the GA adopted in total five policy papers.

The ‘Declaration of Berlin’ is about ethical guidelines for medical students; currently we prepare a online-version to sign.

Interprofessional Collaboration in medical education was the main topics of the EMSA board this year. Our policy paper underlines its importance and commits our association to further align projects with other healthcare students’ associations.

Standardisation of healthcare services is a hot topic on the EU-level. A technical standardisation institute adopted standards in aesthetics surgery services and with our paper we are joining the opposing work against this of fellow European Medical Organizations.

Primary Healthcare was a key topic of our policy work this year. Our paper recognizes this specialty and calls for a greater role of family medicine in the medical curriculum and for a better recognition of General Practitioners work.

Last but not least the GA discussed about our position on TTIP negotiations. We found a detailed and well-thought position on many healthcare issues, potentially touched by the the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement.

 Link to EMSA Policies 2015

Plenary team announcement

To assure the efficiency and regularity of the Autumn Assembly the EMSA Executive Board would like to carry out the precedence of article 9.3.1 (EMSA Internal Rules) and serve as the plenary team of this General Assembly.

EMSA had an amazing experience on MEDxEMSA at AA. First time ever we had such “big load” of EMSA alumni at this session.

When we were chairing the session, we called it not MEDxEMSA but as “Dinosaurs Session”! We had 4 speakers registered for this session and started from youngest dinosaur to biggest dinosaur. Current EMSA president Jannis Papazoglou talked about how he followed his passions to get to EMSA and gave some advices to new generation of EMSAis. Then EMSA president for 2009-2011 and honorary trustee from 2014, Tin Knezevic, took the mic for an interesting approach on life: 2 cells, 2 embryos and 2 ideas. Our third speaker was EMSA president for 2000-2001 term, Nick Schneider. He talked about the journey we doctors take to heal people, but on the way we realize that it is our society which needs medical treatment. Looking at the current humanitarian crisis, the medical profession should thus look beyond the individual patient and take responsibility for the health its peoples. Our last speaker was first elected EMSA president (1991-92 term) and honorary trustee from 2011 Christophe Laurent, who gave insights about the benefits of being in EMSA: “Working with fellow students to improve healthcare education lets you add a new dimension in contributing towards a better Life for everyone in the Europe will all care for.”
All in all, it was a legendary session for EMSA that we would love to repeat as soon as possible, maybe at SA in Tbilisi/Georgia? 🙂 (Safa Cansi, VPI-elect)

EMSA 2020

On Saturday and Sunday interactive sessions in the theme of EMSA2020 were held. During these sessions EMSAi and board members brainstormed together to shape the future of EMSA.

The Saturday session was dedicated to the EMSA Activity Structure. The aim was to find a way to increase the impact of our activites and to have a more members based strategy. We discussed the activities we currently have in EMSA and what is still lacking in our association. Next year EMSA will kick off with a new structure: Joint European Projects (JEPs). JEPs are a collaborative effort of multiple EMSA bodies working in one group on a specific members-chosen topic. We brainstormed together on topics for the upcoming term. More information about JEPs and how to get involved will follow soon.

On Sunday we had a session with Small Working Groups on members chosen topics. Topics discussed were: members’ involvement & communication, consolidation, partners & advocacy, trainings & involvement, growth & structure, professionalism & efficiency and financial sustainability. It was truly to see this high level of members involvement and high-quality discussions happening between a mix of new and old EMSA members. A big thanks and congratulations to all EMSAi who contributed to this session. All feedbacks will be followed up on by the EMSA European Board.

 Blue Star Award

The Blue Star Award of the EMSA Autumn Assembly 2015 was awarded to Dewi Blom (Nijmegen). Congratulations!


Plenary Updates

Updates from the plenaries will be shared shortly togeher with the new EMSA regulations.

EMO Panel Debate and Presidents Meeting

EMSA was honored to host a panel debate of the Presidents of the European Medical Organisaions (EMO). Dr Katrín Fjeldsted (CPME President),  Dr. Enrico Reginato (FEMS President), Dr  Dr João de Deus (AEMH President), Dr Carsten Mohrhardt (EJD President)  and Jannis Papazoglou (EMSA President) engaged in an interesting debate on the challenges of health advocacy in the 21st century. On the last day of the GA EMSA hosted for the first time the Presidents Meeting of the European Medical Organisations, topics duscissed where amonst others the TTIP, standartisation of health care services and the upcomming joint CPD conference in Luxembourg.


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