Project Fair & TP Market at GA 2014, Plovdiv

EMSA, from 9th to 12th September 2014, marked the 24th EMSA General Assembly, held in Plovdiv (or should we say pLOVEdiv), Bulgaria. Apart from the decision making during the plenary sessions, marking some future changes in EMSA policy, it was also an amazing opportunity for students around Europe to take part in the Project Fair.

What is the Project Fair about? It is an opportunity for FMOs to present their newest projects or those they are most proud of in front of their medical colleagues, so as to encourage other FMOs to enrich their project range. This year it was really a rich experience, from which every participant gained a lot.

So we have decided, for those willing to find out more about projects going on in different parts of Europe, but who could not attend the GA, to show you a little bit of what happened in those marvellous two hours. And maybe, just maybe, you will decide to “adopt” one of these projects yourself.

Let’s go!


WSCAS – Why So Curious About Science?

TurkMSIC Cerrahpaşa, Turkey

Young scientist met at Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty ! EMSA-Medical Science team organized this event on 8-16-17th April in order to introduce the young scientists and their researches to all medical students. The guests of honor of the event were Prof. Ahmet Yıldız who was awarded with the 2005 GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists, Prof. Aydoğan Özcan who was shown in the best 10 scientists in the world in the future and Povilas Kavaliauskas who is one of the brightest young scientists in Europe. They explained their researches and mentioned about their own life experiences.Our goal is to convert this organization from local to international and to make it traditional. We’re planning to invite the most famous and successful doctors and scientist in the world and Turkey for our next organizations.

HEART – Healthcare, Education and Research Talks

EMSA Cluj, Romania

HEART stands for Healthcare, Education and Research Talks and is a concept inspired by the TEDMED events from the USA. It aims to give a chance and setting  to local professors and students to present their achievements in the field of medical practice and research, while  packing a great deal of inspiration in their talks. The best part of HEART is that the talks are streamed live to partner universities, so that as many people as possible get a chance to benefit from them!

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LSD – Learning Strategic Drugs

HelMSIC, Greece

The main idea of the project is the education of medical students about the various forms of addiction and especially about drug addiction, the effects of addiction on the addict’s life and project is the proper approach and collaboration with drug addicts.

The project is conducted in collaboration with KETHEA (Therapy Centre For Dependent Individuals) and it consists of 3 parts. The first part is a 2-day seminar where medical students are informed about drugs and addicted people. The second one is an internship in the healthcare units of KETHEA, where medical students together with experienced doctors examine drug addicts and learn right approach techniques. The third part is a street action at 26th of June,where the attendants of the seminar are asked to raise awareness among the general public about drugs and their impact on health.The entire project lasts about 3 months and it is a great opportunity for medical students to come in touch with addicts and learn how to approach them.

Beat the Burn

HelMSIC, Greece

Skin Cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Sun’s radiation is responsible for 90% of non melanoma skin cancers. Five sunburns at one’s lifetime double his/her chance of developing Melanoma.

Medical students aren’t aware of those facts. General public ignores skin cancer and doesn’t take precautions to prevent it. We adopted the MMSA’s Beat the Burn project to inform medical students about this major health issue and train them to educate and inform general public about skin cancer prevention.

30 students in each Local Committee are educated and trained on skin cancer, its causes,  its prevention and skin self-examination by attending a seminar and a peer education training. After that they inform people on the streets and on beaches about skin cancer and guide people through prevention techniques.

ICMS – International Congress of Medical Science

AMSB Sofia, Bulgaria

For the last 12 years this annual event has become one of the leading and most important academic events for medical students and young doctors in Europe with more than 400 active participants. Our profound and leading philosophy is to stimulate and to contribute to the development of European scientific life by providing the best tribune to all those young scientists and future doctors who carry the light of the explorer.


Twinning Project Market

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