In 1975, the International Women’s Year, the United Nations celebrated the International Women’s Day for the first time. The most important topic was and is gender equality. If we have a look back to the 70s much is done but there still is a long road to go!

Gender Gap

Gender Roles

Inequality in Access to Health and Education

This are only a few topics addressed when talking about women experiencing iniquity in our societies. Help us to tackle this issues and #PledgeforParity!

EMSA ‘pledge’ as well: we introduced our Joint European Project on Gender Medicine – to promote inequality in health issues. We already overcame our first hurdles and performed our first survey about diversity of discrimination in medical schools which we will send to AMEE conference this year – another one about vaccination and pregnancy related diseases will follow soon.

If you want to be involved in this tremendous opportunity drop a line to: science@emsa-europe.eu

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