Paul de Roos – EMSA Honorary Life Member

We are very honoured to welcome Dr Paul de Roos as the 17th EMSA Honorary Trustee. Dr de Roos was active for numerous years in EMSA and was appointed EMSA Medical Education Director in 2005. He has been a very active alumnus ever since, supporting the EMSA European Board, the Medical Education Pillar and the EMSA trainers in countless ways and opportunities. We are very thankful to Dr de Roos and proud to have such an extraordinary and inspiring alumnus in our family.

Dr Roos, what does EMSA mean to you?

“Being a Medical Education Director in the European Board of EMSA provided an infrastructure for personal development and self actualisation. During my mandate, I gave EMSA all I could give and the return on investment consists of:  expanded set of professional skills, friends for life, a huge professional network in the field of education and policy making, the self efficacy to take on big projects and to move to a different country for my specialist training.

EMSA was the fertile grounds for ideas to be born and for meeting the people needed to help me create the leadership summerschool, which will have its 10th anniversary in 2017 in Budapest. The idea for this event was born at the end of my mandate during the social program of the 2006 EMSA General Assembly in Pécs, Hungary. EMSA helped me to get in touch with international student leaders outside the Medical profession, to look into interprofessional learning and peer education. This has put me on a highway of personal development, a track I have not deviated from until today.”

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