Once upon a time in Maastricht: an excerpt of the personal diary of a board member


28th to 30th November 2014

Maastricht, the Netherlands

“You’re traveling…AGAIN?” – Probably one of the questions I got asked really often in the past year. My answer to that: “Oh the joys of being an EMSAi”. As representatives of the majority of the medical students in Europe, we are always in contact with them. I love that, meeting young, perspective and enthusiastic people who are ready to change the face of medicine. All the international events and gatherings bring me joy like nothing else in this world.

However, it was a little bit different this weekend. No OC, no fees, no exciting new strangers. Instead, I got the people I talk to in the virtual world. People that I know and I can boldly say grew to love. People, that I had the utmost pleasure to start working with, two months ago.

It was time, for our first EMSA F2F (Face to Face) board meeting.


So I packed my bags and got my ticket to Maastricht, the Netherlands, ready to explore this strange country I’ve never been to before. Apart from amazing people, #ILoveEMSA because I get to experience new places with all their landscapes, food, tradition and culture it has to offer.

As a relatively new boardie, this was my first official F2F meeting. My expectations were sky high, but even though expectations very often sell us short, personally I got more than I bargained for. Motivation, enthusiasm and team work were floating in the air. With that you feel unstoppable, as if you can easily do everything you’ve wanted.

With a carefully planned agenda, we started the series of meetings and discussions. The flow of new, fresh ideas was so endless that we would usually lose sense of time if it wasn’t for our lovely Permanent Officer, Kristina, who was kind enough to facilitate and remind us that we’re straying. There are so many new and improved things that I can’t wait to share and present to you, our dear members.

However, there was one thing that could’ve made the meeting better. The missing boardies. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to gather everyone in one place. I guess the distance, the greatness of the continent and the full agendas took its toll in such a way. Luckily modern technology reduced this distance, since they were able to join us online.

I will never forget the moments, the laughs and the joys we had. The early Christmas atmosphere that we created together while creating something for our members 9this remains to be seen in the upcoming period). So, Ladies and Gentlemen from across the continent, stay tuned and find out all the new things that are coming in the upcoming season. I hope to see you in large numbers on the European Week of Ethics in Heidelberg and that we will be able to share the blue spirit together.

As we say in my local FMO: “Acta non verba”. Continue rocking and enjoy your ride on the blue train.


Europeanly yours,

Goran Stevanovski

Fundraising officer 2014/2015



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