Motivation – EMSA Online Training

We are happy to announce that the first ever EMSA Online Training took place on 28th February 2017. The purpose of this new initiative is support our Members, especially Local Coordinators, with the soft (people) skills first aid they might have limited access to. Form this consideration, the first topic addressed was the one of Motivation.

In the following, here comes some insight from the training. First objective covered, was introducing to the participants, some new Motivational Theories along to common Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need or Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation. Such examples were Dan Pink’s Drive or Martin Seligman’s Flourish (PERMA).

  • The second part of the training presented problems & solutions of Self-Motivation. Starting with the SMART way of setting goals, followed by the power Habits and
    Discipline, compared with the always changing Motivation.
    Besides of the problem of Time-Management and Procrastination, the most appreciated idea brought to the table was Mihaly Csiszentmihalyi’s Flow.

  • The third element of the training tackled the problem of Motivating a Team or others.
    Without covering a complete Leadership training, various tips & tricks were shared with the participants. From raising awareness to team members personal agendas to importance of organizational culture, as well as inspiring by word and by action, based on Simon Sinek’s books. Finally, the use of the Skill/Will Matrix and differentiating Visions from Goals were the handy topics from a practical perspective.
Watch Dan Pink's TED Talk
The puzzle of motivation!

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