Is motivation something innate that we are born with or that can be also created and strengthened by reinforcers external to the learning task? No need to mention about the importance of motivation in medicine and health care field where people (actually US) works with incredible dedication, spend hours in labs, libraries, hospitals to save more lives, to invent a new method to cure congenital diseases or prevent diabetes or eradicate a virus.
Obviously the creation of social platforms and technologic innovations enable us to reach amazing stories from all over the world on various topics, which can be easily count as “ source of external motivation”. Each story, regardless having connection to our life, having community with our interests, can touch our soul; can shake our heart and can leave an impression in our memory.
If you have any story that you dream of telling, spreading to your friends from all over the Europe; now stage is yours! All of the major EMSA International Events have one MEDxEMSA session for all enthusiastic EMSAi to share their ideas.

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