Médicines Sans Frontières (MSF) Webinar: Are you interested in the work of Doctors Without Borders?

Dear EMSAi,

Are you interested in the work of Doctors Without Borders? You may even want to participate in a project and have questions concerning that? The Webinar will target all professional groups, such as doctors, surgeons, anesthetists, gynecologists, midwives, healthcare workers and nurses, surgical nurses, medical laboratory technicians, epidemiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, logisticians, staff coordinators and finance coordinators.
During the online presentations MSF project workers will speak about their field experiences and inform you about the possibility of working with MSF. Afterwards your questions will be answered. Both trained personnel and also people who are still in education and want to learn about future job opportunities may attend.

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 18 at 7:00pm UTC + 01 (CET)
Join the event and learn about how MSF works!

Europeanly Yours,

Naomi Nathan , EMSA Secretary General



  1. This is so great! And very timely for me personally.

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