Medical education pillar brings together students and professionals passionate about teaching, learning and gaining new skills. We recognize the importance of an education programme that focuses on preparing today’s students to be the doctors of the future – with the necessary knowledge, competences and skills. We aim at the medical education that respond to advances in medicine, new learning technologies and development in educational thinking. In this pillar we strive to provide EMSAi the best opportunities to explore the world of medical education by attending numerous summer schools and conferences all around Europe.



  • Bringing together medical students from all across geographical Europe to share their ideas, experiences and to collaborate in the further development of medical education
  • Disseminating the basic knowledge about medical education, educate and train a new generation of medical students who understand the principles of a good educational practice and have a new attitude towards their own education
  • Advocate and influence for good the learning and professional development of today’s students and trainees who will become the health care professionals of tomorrow.

Main Topics

  • Interprofessional Education or how teachers, learners, practitioners from different healthcare professions  learn from, with and about euach other to improve collaboration and quality of care.
  • Medical Education Research or how to conduct and evaluate original enquiry in order to advance the understanding and practice of medical education
  • Harmonization of Medical Education in Europe, Europe is unity within diversity, but unfortunately its medical education is diversity, with current rate of Medical mobility we do need a European Core Curriculum to answer demands of our continent.


Director: Žiga Barbarič.

I am a 3rd year medical student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, or in EMSA terms, a member of SloMSIC Ljubljana.

For the term I plan to keep up the good work from the past years and together with other enthusiasts achieve the goals I have set in my candidature and which you can also find here:

If you’d like to learn more or join in, reach me at

Teddy Bear Hospital

We’ve all been children. In our little innocent worlds we had fears. Some of us were afraid of the “white coated people”. In Teddy Bear Hospital Project our goal is to help children overcome their white coat anxiety. This is a community¬based project run by medical students and has benefited thousands of primary school children, in the past few years The highlights is a consultation between special Teddy Bear Doctors (clinical medical students) and the child, where “sick”teddy can be treated. The ultimate aim is to help young children overcome their “White Coat Anxiety” in going and talking to the doctor. Since some years, by the valuable cooperation of European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA), Teddy Bear Hospital is in great importance bringing medical and pharmaceuticals students together.

You can find more about our care for children and the project itself  

Summer Schools

The EMSA Summer Schools offer medical students from all over geographical Europe to study a specific field of medicine during the summer in an international group. Teaching language is English, and the topics are a broad variety, covering the whole spectrum of medical science, always taking into consideration the ethical approach as well.

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