Keep Europe Malaria Free!

In 2015, for the first time, the WHO European Region reported zero indigenous malaria cases.

Here is a brief history of the evolution of Malaria in Europe:

The European Region was malaria free in 1975

Until the end of the Second World War, malaria was endemic throughout much of southern Europe. The Balkans, Italy, Greece and Portugal were particularly affected. The last indigenous cases at that time occurred in Macedonia in 1974.

Malaria comes back to Europe

Political and socio-economic challenges, mass population migration and interruption of malaria prevention and control activities were conditions favourable for malaria 20 April 2016, fact sheet page 2 reintroduction and transmission. In 1995, 90 712 malaria cases were officially reported in the Region.

In response to the increasing number of indigenous cases and outbreaks of malaria, the Roll Back Malaria strategy was introduced in affected European countries in 1999.

Falling to zero

By 2010, only 179 cases of malaria were reported in six countries.

In 2015, for the first time, all the countries in the European Region reported zero indigenous cases of malaria.

25 April: International Malaria Day

Source: World Health Organization

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