The International EMSA Team

IMG_1963The EMSA European Board (EB) consists of the Executive Board (EB) and the two departments of Internal (DIA) and External (DEA) Affairs. The EEB is elected during the Autumn Assembly for a mandate of one year.



The Executive Board (EB) is responsible for the daily management of the Association and is in charge of financial and administrative decisions and for the preparation of the EMSA international meetings.

The Department of Internal Affairs. Focuses on project development and project management. Is headed by the VP Internal and consists of the five pillars of EMSA and their Directors; that of European Integration, Medical Education, Medical Science, Medical Ethics & Culture and Public Health.

The Department of External Affairs. Focuses on policy making, advocacy and external relations. Is headed by the VP External and consists of the Liaison Officer for European Institutions, Permanent Officer working at the CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors), Policy Making Officer and Public Relations Officer.

Each country with more than one Faculty Member Organisation can elect or appoint a National Coordinator to help with communication and administration. Over the years NCs have become close partners of the EEB and are involved in all important EMSA affairs through the year. They have voting rights only on very specific issues defined by the EMSA statutes but nevertheless they can have great influence within the Association.

The Immediate Past President, The Alumni Coordinator and one GA Appointee will represent the Advisory Board of EMSAThe AB assists the EEB on questions of strategy and in the contact with EMSA Alumni.

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