Who are we?

European Integration & Culture is one of EMSA's pillars through which we aim to bring together students from all around the continent to work together on issues that we face, to share our cultures, our homes, our different ways of doing things and to promote a united, stronger, healthier Europe.

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Twinning Projects

Each year many students all around Europe get the chance to host and visit their chosen EMSA partner by being part of our Twinning Projects. EMSA offers its members the opportunity to spend some quality time exploring the educational and healthcare system of other countries while also enjoying their people and wonderful sights.
Involvement is easy. All you need is an EMSA partner that shares your willingness to put together an educational program of your interest for several days and experience each other's cities, cultures and homes.

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Facing an ever-changing Europe

As it walks through the 21st century, Europe is facing many rising challenges.
With the economic crisis, climate change and energy supply issues, its demographic change and migration flow, there are many issues that concern us all, and our point of view and input as students plays an important role in dealing with such topics.
Our pillar aims to serve as a platform that addresses the needs of medical students in an ever-changing Europe. Through our blog posts, projects and policies, we will work together to advocate for a healthy European environment of equal opportunities for all.

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Best Buddy and Different Day projects

These projects aim to increase the contact medical students have with
-People living in poverty
-People with physical and mental disabilities
-People in rehabilitation centers
-Survivals or fighters of illnesses of addiction or abuse

These communities (and many other ones as well) need the attention and support of healthcare-involved individuals and medical students need to develop a healthy approach towards people who still face social injustice on daily basis.

This makes EMSA members the perfect match to be their partners and supporters by being their Best Buddy or offering them a Different Day.

Make a change in somebody's life!
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