The spark

1990, Leuven, Belgium
The idea to create a European organisation gathering the medical students of Europe was born 20 years ago, at a students‘ symposium at the Catholic University of Leuven.
October 1990, Brussels, Belgium
Under the auspice of the Belgium Crown, the first General Assembly of the European Medical Students’ Association is held and EMSA is founded on the 20.10.1990
EMSA is ready for the 25th Atumn Assembly in Berlin in September 2015

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Honorary Trusties

EMSA honorary trustees are people who have contributed outstandingly to EMSA. They receive the honorary membership by decision of the General Assembly. This status has been granted so far to the following persons:

Jasa Vizintin, Slovenia, 06.10.1996

Clementine Maddock, United Kingdom, 19.10.1997

Stefan Waegemans, Belgium, 09.10.1998

 Jacco Veldhuyzen, The Netherlands, 07.10.1999

Vijay Rawal, United Kingdom, 30.09.2000

Cristina Dias, Portugal, 30.09.2000

William Ching, United States of America, 30.09.2000

Magdalena Pietka, Poland, 17.10.2002

Ana Guerreiro, Portugal, 17.10.2002

Nick Schneider, Germany, 17.10.2002

Filip Stoma, Poland, 27.9.2003

 Dr Gauthier Desuter, Belgium, 02.04.2004

Anabela Serranito, Portugal, 16.10.2004

Hrvoje Vrazic, Croatia, 16.10.2004

Christophe Laurent, Belgium, 5. 9. 2011

Tin Knezevic,Croatia, 12. 9. 2014

Olga Rostkowska, Poland, 11.05.2016

Sofia Ribeiro, Portugal, 11.05.2016