My name is Guilherme Bernardo, a recently graduated medical doctor from Lisbon, Portugal. I recently started my internship at EPHA after applying through EMSA, and so far I am enjoying the experience even more than I expected.

The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) is the European platform bringing together public health organizations representing health professionals, patients groups, health promotion and disease specific NGOs, academic groups and other health-related associations.

I am currently working as a Policy Assistant for Health Systems, and this work involves tackling several Public Health issues at the same time. So far, I have co-written a paper on healthcare associated infections with my tutor, Sascha Marschang. Additionally, I am working on one briefing on vaccination and another on the impact of policies in life expectancy growth in Europe, while preparing an EPHA seminar on antimicrobial resistance.

I am looking forward to mingle more in the European bubble and understand better policy making and how we, medical students and medical doctors, can change perspectives, mentalities and work towards a better Europe, with less health inequalities and better access to proper healthcare for the EU citizens.

If you enjoy Public Health, working with a large variety of disciplines and believe one organization can make a difference in the way politicians, policy makers, the health community and patients see healthcare and health itself, do an internship at EPHA, and probably your perspective and the way you see health will be wider, more mature, and you will be better prepared to tackle either political issues related to health or even your day-to-day view as a future clinician.

I’ll keep you updated on my journey

From Brussels,

Guilherme Silva Bernardo

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