The Core

  • FMOs are EMSA´s true core. Faculty Member Organizations are local committees that all medicinal students can join at their university. This is the source of the main part of EMSA activities.

Rights of an FMO

  • use the name of EMSA
  • can send 2 representatives to vote at the EMSA General Assembly
  • can organise and participate in EMSA activities.
  • access to all EMSA information networks and EMSA publications.
  • benefit of any privileges granted to Faculty Member Organisations by any third party.

Duties of an FMO

  • pay the annual membership fee
  • submit their annual activities report
  • FMO’s shall not have any debt towards EMSA Europe.


You are a medical student from a European country and want to join our association?

Application for EMSA Membership

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Why Should I Join the EMSA?
Membership in EMSA means belonging to a society dedicated to excellence in medical faculties in Europe.
Membership in EMSA gives you a say in the development of critical policies concerning curriculum, standards, and health politics in Europe.
Membership in EMSA gives you preferred access to vital professional development opportunities such as national/international symposia and workshops.
Membership in EMSA gives you access to more relevant resources, including instructional materials and scientific journals.
Membership in EMSA gives you chance to participate/organize 39 EMSA projects.
Membership in EMSA makes you part of Europe!

If you want to be a part of a leading medical student association in Europe…
If you want your actions and decisions to have impact on the future of medical students’ society…
If you want your voice on medical students issues to be heard all over the continent…
If you want to challenge yourself by working with hundreds of medical students on the international level…
If you feel like doing MUCH MORE THAN IT IS EXPECTED FROM YOU during your studies…
Don’t be passive! This is our time, this is our moment. You can easily become a member of EMSA rapidly growing family – either as a group of medical students from your University or as an active individual.

List of current EMSA Faculty Members

If you have any questions about the membership status, please do not hesitate to contact