First EMSA-online voting of political statements launched!

Dear EMSAi!

I am glad to announce you that we launched the first online voting in the history of EMSA.

Two declarations and three political papers are sent to the National and Local Coordinators and the Faculty Member Organziations. Every LC received his personal voting number to fill the voting sheet. The filled sheet is to be send to your National Coordinator or directly to me. Because our database isn’t perfect regarding the adresses of your present LCs, the deadline will probably be changed to a later date to give every local group enough time to reflect on it.

All topics have been discussed in the Political Think Tank of EMSA. Please contact me, if you are interested to join our work!

Feel free to contact me for any questions or ideas around this project.


Jacob Hildebrand, Policy Making Officer of EMSA 2012/2013

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