Explore. Dream. Discover.

Becoming an EMSA trainer was the most significant event of my summer’15. I was fascinated when I took my first step into the training world. In fact, while I was applying I wasn’t totally aware of this important step I had taken. When I think about it now, I consider it as a journey full of new experiences. I vividly remember when I said ‘Hello!’ to the OC who have been awaiting us in the dormitory whole day. At that moment and afterwards in the first day of TNT, I figured out I was surrounded by a great many awesome people.

For more than a week, advanced trainers and all TNT participants were tightly attached to each other mentally, and also physically because we had all day long trainings to become proficient trainers. At the end of each day I said ‘that was a hell of a lot of information today’ but the whole TCE program was deliberately planned so that we would digest the information, get enough rest to go out at night and be prepared for the morning session.

Furthermore, as fresh and enthusiastic trainers we had chance to deliver our first trainings to the participants of TCE in the end of TNT. I believe this was a great hands-on opportunity to experience how you can inspire people by soft skills training.

Training has become a passion of mine in a very short time. So far I’ve delivered training in a nation-wide event and already have two trainings ahead. I feel happy and satisfied after all but as a medical student who wants to explore endlessly, inspire people and interact with as many people as possible I am still thirsty for new training events. And, my dear colleagues, I strongly suggest you to attend the TCE’16 and see that TCE is completely a life changing experience. Mark Twain stated: ‘… you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.’ So I remind you what he recommends:

‘Explore. Dream. Discover.’

Kubilay Kaymaz 

EMSA- Soft Skills Trainer

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