European Week of Ethics 2017
Kaunas , Lithuania


The European Week of Ethics is a week full of ethical discussions, lectures from amazing speakers, trainings, workshops and much more. It is one of the favourite events of our members where we can get together and enjoy the beautiful environment of respectful discussions. The topic of the European Week of Ethics 2017 is “Emerging Ethical Issues in Reproductive Medicine”. The agenda will be annoucned shortly.

European Week of Ethics 2017

Kaunsas, Lithuania

February 16 – 20, 2017

Without accommodation

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90 € / 110 €

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150 € / 170€


*****Trainings will be added to this agenda.

“First of all, I would like to advice for everybody to try to find a flight from the nearest airport in their country to Kaunas (there are less flights directly to Kaunas) or Vilnius airport in Lithuania, for example, using Google flights
For students from Poland I would also advice to travel by bus directly to Kaunas. I takes around 7 hours (from Warsawa) but it costs about 4 times less than a plane. Here are some websites in english:
If people arrive to Vilnius airport they will have to get from there to Kaunas, which is very easy. From the Vilnius airport there is a train by whish you can get to the main train station in 15 minutes or less and then there are trains almost every hour to Kaunas which takes around 1 hour (depending on the train). In Kaunas we will meet everybody separately in airport or in train station.
When people will give us their tickets information I can write what time exactly there are trains if it is neccessary. Also, if they have problems by finding a plane ticket, they can write me a personal message I will do my best.”

Goda Laucaitytė

* The first 37 participants who register receive an early discount of 20 €.

There are 78 spots with accommodation and 19 participants without accommodation. Registration is possible until 24th January 2017 23.59 Brussels Time.

Please Note: Motivations written in the form will be taken into serious consideration while choosing the participants.

  • Participants will be refunded with 100% of their registration fee (minus any transfer fees or charges) in case they cancel their registration within 3 weeks of registering (not after paying)
  • With 50 % of the fee (minus any transfer fees or charges) if they cancel within 5 weeks of registering, and will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled any later
  • Whereas they will not be refunded if the registration is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the event regardless of how much time has passed since registering.
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