Everything you need to know for this years’ AMEE Student Task Force

Dearest EMSAi,

This is a post for the Medical Education enthusiasts. For the ones with the desire to leave their print on the future of Medical education, as we know it. For the ones, willing to get their hands dirty.

Traditionally, every year, EMSA is releasing a call for the AMEE Student Task Force. This year is no different. With almost half of the time for applying already behind us, you still have time until March 17th to send an application that may very well leave a print on your future career and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

The application process is fairly easy. You just need to follow the link and tell us some things about yourself. How cool is that?

In the meantime, if you are still not sure whether this is the right place for you, or simply do not know what to expect, here we have testimonies of three amazing ladies that bring inspiration to me from the day I’ve met them, to this day onward.

The WHAT, the HOW and most importantly the WHY of the AMEE Student Task Force.

“As part of the AMEE STF you get to experience the dynamic space of medical education from peers and experts in ways that you could have never imagined. Being able to attend various workshops and sessions is also a platform to contribute the student’s perspective in matters related to medical training and the recognition of competencies across borders. You can consider it a free ticket to medical education advocacy! Above all, the friendships and network connections formed at AMEE are invaluable. What was initially a random encounter for me with an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics who was looking for directions to a workshop while I carried out my STF task of “directing delegates” in my dark red STF shirt, turned out to be an enriching mentoring relationship, which has significantly impacted my career and personal development.” – Ibukun Adepoju

“Silly to say, but before AMEE I had an extremely narrow understanding of medical education and its possibilities as I came from a country where those topics are still very new and in most cases unexplored. WHAT/HOW: This conference really pushes you towards better and (most importantly) WIDER education. It allowed me to enrich my critical thinking and encouraged me to bring changes in my own community. WHY: It is an invaluable opportunity to attend world class workshops and sessions, what is more, to discuss and exchange your point of view with people, whose articles you most of the time just read in scientific journals or Pubmed. And most importantly, you can easily get involved into any platform (or be inspired to start your own) in order to make improvements in your own Medical School”. – Jorune Suipyte

How to become an STF member?

You can become a member of the Student Task Force simply by filling out the form. My personal advice is to try to be concrete and specific as much as you can; the reviewers need to really understand exactly why  you want to be a part of the STF and what you would like to achieve.

What are their tasks?

As a member of the Student Task Force you will support the conference by performing various logistical tasks, from bringing materials to sessions to directing people to their sessions. You will find yourself being the knight in shining armor more than once just by being available in your beautiful STF t-shirt. Besides the heart-warming gratitude, the main perk of an STF member is that you will get the chance to attend interesting and inspiring sessions.

Why should they do it?

Being part of the Student Task Force was a life-changing experience for me. It was in Milan that I realized I was not just interested in Medical Education… I am so passionate about it that it should be a part of my professional life. I changed my plans and now find myself working on Medical Education nearly every single day.

If you also have this glimmering feeling inside – the thought that Medical Education might be “it” for you – then the Student Task Force is the perfect chance for you to explore your passion! – Lara Teheux

If you have any additional questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to ask them on stf.amee@gmail.com. We are more than happy to help with whatever needs helping.

Europeanly yours,
Goran Stevanovski,
AMEE Student Task Force Coordinator ‘17

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