The EMSA European Health Policy Pillar is gathering passionate people interested in European policy to improve health within Europe.



A Europe in which all policies adress public health questions, creating a European health care system that promotes’ patient empowerment and safety, and provides fair working conditions for the health care workforce.


● Raise awareness among medical students on European health policy processes.
● Motivate students to engage in health policy discussions and to become part of the opinion synopsis.
● Provide a platform for students to exchange and discuss initiatives on the EU health framework and agenda, on patient-centered health care and on working conditions of health care professionals.
● Enable medical students to integrate their opinions in the health policy processes through training, education and capacity building.
● Voice the consensus opinion of our members and coordinate actions to shape health policy on a Europan level
● Continuously evaluate and refine the construction and implementation of this pillar, its vision, mission and objectives.


European Health policy within emsa

For all EMSA Europe policy statements, please refer to the Policy Statements page under About Us section.


EMSA provides European Health Policy pillar sessions at each general Assembly. The sessions provide a platfor to discuss current and relevant issues for European Health Policy. The upcoming sessions will be held at the Autumn Assembly 2017 from the 2nd until the 9th of september. The themes are mentioned below :

SESSION I – Efficient health care systems in Europe: how to go from health to health care

What is health and how can health be assessed effectively? How to contribute to a populations’ health. Within society many aspects influence a populations’ health; health care only constitutes one of the many means. During this sessions we will take a look at what defines health and which different actors are at stage. We will speak governance and decision making processes within the European Commission and have a European Commission simulation game.

SESSION II – Evidence based policy writing: from research to politic, to impact

What is policy and what are necessary demands for quality policy writing? How to go from scientific results to effective policy? During this sessions we will have a small introduction onto the bases of policy writing and create a baseline for policies that could contribute to the pillar. After that we will discuss how to create a strategy for existing policies and how to measure their impact.

SESSION III- External speaker

Advancing 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): health as an outcome, determinant and enabler of sustainable development, Mihály Kökény MD, PhD, Senior Fellow, The Graduate Institute, Global Health Centre.





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