EuroMeds is the official magazine of EMSA Europe. Its content is created mainly by medical students, with contributions from EMSA’s partners and externals. The core topic of the issue is dedicated to an important area of public health, chosen by the EEB per edition.

Until now, the magazine was created for every General Assembly and shared with the attendees. Starting from October 2017, EuroMeds will also be published in a monthly, online edition, providing medical students a solid platform on which to express their opinions and ideas.

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by | Aug 13, 2017 |

Dear EuroMeds Enthusiast,

 EMSA publishes its very own magazine EuroMeds for each General Assembly with the help of our precious contributors. EuroMeds Spring Assembly 2018 Issue has been published with the main theme of DISASTER MEDICINE.

Disasters are inevitable situations causing economic loss, injury and death. Humankind had withstood a tremendous number of disasters throughout history: the plague, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, numerous wars, acts of mass violence… Natural and man made disasters continue to cause public health problems all over the world despite the technological progress and advanced techniques of today’s medicine.

 EMSA, representing medical students all over Europe, believes in the vital roles of awareness, preparedness and crisis management during catastrophes.  For this reason, EuroMeds SA’18 issue has covered the theme of Disaster Medicine, and you may access the soft copy of the magazine by clicking on its cover picture above!