Dear EuroMeds Enthusiasist,

We are yet again looking for people to work together with our Editorial Team for the new, online issue of EuroMeds. As we have put great efforts in creating a magazine, we would like to continue our work with a monthly online issue, besides the printed issues that would be published for the Assemblies.

The topic of the first online issue of EuroMeds, which will be available online in October is:
The roadmap to increasing the lifespan of the offsprings

The main theme is strongly connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Our main topic is related to goal 3, which is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all and at all ages. According to the SDG we have created subtopics that define and cover the main theme of the October issue.

If you feel connected to one of these topics, or have an idea that is related to the main theme, do not hesitate to submit an article for the first online EuroMeds. If you are planning to submit an article please send us an email with the topic / title of your article so that we can plan with it.

Please send an email to:

The DEADLINE for Contributors to submit an article is: 15th September 2017 1 PM CEST

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