Ethics Day, a nice start for future “EWE 4 U”

EMSA European Board was represented at “Ethics Education Day” event in Istanbul on 7th of March, 2015.

During 2nd European Week of Ethics in Heidelberg, the idea of organizing local ethics events (EWE 4 U) in FMOs have had very strong support among EMSAis. Last weekend, EMSA Yeditepe fired the spark and organized an event dedicated to ethics in Istanbul.

The event had the contribution of both local and external lecturers as guest speakers. 70 EMSAis from different FMOs and around 10 academicians from various departments attended as participants. The program started with Dr Perihan ALKAN’s speech on communicable diseases’ international effects from a public health specialist’s point of view. Then Assoc. Prof. Elif VATANOGLU-LUTZ took the stage for a delicious lecture on “Communicable diseases from medical ethics approach”. Second half of the day was spared to Dr Menno de BREE during which audience had the chance to hear a lot about “Why becoming a doctor will not help you become happy?” from a very interesting philosophical approach.

There was a special workshop following which had 10 enthusiastic EMSAis from Yeditepe plus me, Assoc. Prof. Vatanoglu-Lutz and a public health specialist as participants. The subject of the workshop was: “Practical tools on ethical decision making”. We had the chance to talk about some specific ethics cases with both clinical and academical approaches.

There is a very strong hope of EMSA to see many local ethics events next to our beloved European Week of Ethics. If you like this idea and need some support from EMSA Medical Ethics and Culture director, please do not hesitate to contact:

In addition, it was my great pleasure and honor to be guest of EMSA Yeditepe for this amazing event. Special thanks to EMSA Yeditepe’s Irem Nur Kiraz (LC1) and Aykut Ucar (Medical Ethics and Culture director) for their hospitality.

Europeanly yours

Safa Cansi

EMSA E&C Director


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