Medical Ethics and Human Rights pillar strives to seek answers to many questions? As Healthcare personnels, what do we do? Why do we do that? and How should we do it?. We touch on the grey zones in medicine which is concern to all of us. Treating a patient just the sake of treating should not be our only interest. Our approach is more integrated and comprehensive as we take human being into consideration as a whole in terms of morals, ethics and rights. We believe that looking at the big picture instead of looking just lab results is the solution to problems that we have today in healthcare
The current director of Medical Ethics and Human Rights pillar is Angela Tzortzi, 5th year medical student at University of Athens, Greece.

The ME&HR European Support Division is a group of EMSA members from all over Europe who works on activities related to the pillar. Any EMSA member can Join!

You can contact the ME&HR pillar director here: ethics@emsa-europe.eu

A Europe with a common understanding of Human Rights, where medicine is practised according to the highest ethical values.
Empower medical students to defend and actively promote Human Rights within society, whilst raising awareness of ethical matters in health.
● Promote a full integration of ethics into the medical curricula;
● Encourage discussion of ethical issues between medical students and healthcare professionals on the local and European level;
● Advocate for the highest Human Rights standards and understanding in all European countries;
● Raise awareness and promote protection of Human Rights throughout the continent;
● Collaborate with relevant partners in the implementation of objectives related to Medical Ethics & Human Rights.
Email : ethics@emsa-europe.eu

Pillar Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/EMSAMedicalEthicsandHumanRights/

EMSA Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/emsa.europe/?fref=ts


Local Projects




Medicine is a full time occupation, even when we’re watching movies. So we thought, we might as well do this together, and use the time in the end for discussion! With a guest doctor to comment on the medical aspects covered in the film, the conversation becomes even more interesting. Along with clinics, medical knowledge, laughter, and good taste in cinema…




Our ‘square one’ will be to gather people interested in that topic and discuss ways of popularization of blood donation and post-mortem organ transplantation. With this project our goal is to expand potential bone marrow donor database with EMSAi’s help and dedication by organizing local initiatives focusing on organ substitution awareness.




Empowering women is in itself empowering the mankind. 8th of March is a good excuse for focusing on women’s health issues and gender roles in the society and EMSA takes good advantage of it. This year, EMSA is going to have its first “IWD photography exhibition” on women’s health and rights with the great contribution of its members.


European Week of Ethics (EWE)
European Week of Ethics is a 3-5 day event of plenaries, small working groups and other activities dedicated to the Medical Ethics and Human Rights pillar. The Director of the Medical Ethics and Human Rights pillar supported by the EEB and the host organisers are responsible for the organisation and running of the event. The European Week of Ethics shall be preferably organised at the beginning of the calendar year to avoid conflicts with other international meetings.


To mold a public opinion about refugee rights and to inspire more people with our actions, we prepared and published Heuman Rights Magazine, in which we collected qualified articles about refugee rights; written by medical professors, refugee rights volunteers and enthusiastic EMSAis from all around Europe. MSF (Doctors Without Borders) director also contributed to our magazine with his article in which he shared his precious experiences and advices about refugee rights. We believe that this magazine would be a great source for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the refugee problem, and encourage people to take action for solution. We also hope that our work would serve as an example for the future generations.


This pillar is very special. Less than two years ago the pillar changed from Medical Ethics and Culture to Medical Ethics and Human Rights. We have our own publications-MedEth News and hEUman rights. We also have our own international EMSA event-the European Week of Ethics. This term we will address topics such as stigma related to mental health, caring for disabled patients and LGBTQI+ rights. We will discuss ethics issues including vaccination and research ethics. Our work on Migrant and Refugee Rights got a head start last year and we are going to keep up the good work and develop it further.

To get the latest news of this pillar, you can join our open Facebook group EMSA Medical Ethics and Human Rights or subscribe to the mailing list of the pillar by sending an e-mail to ethics-humanrights+subscribe@emsa-europe.eu .

For any questions you can contact me at ethics.elect@emsa-europe.eu.

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