ESMO-ESO Course on Medical Oncology for Medical Students

Dear EMSAi,

Let me introduce you the Course on Medical Oncology for Medical Students held by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and European School of Oncology (ESO) in sunny Valencia, Spain between 13-18  July 2017. 

There are 2 possibilities to attend this Course:

  1. Due to the fruitful partnership between EMSA and ESMO we can offer one free spot. 

If you will benefit from this free spot , you’ll also have the honour to give a 1o minutes presentation about EMSA and its activities during the course. Please send a maximum of 250 words motivational letter and your CV to Attendance is reserved only for 4th and 5th medical students. 

2. If the  sense of competitiveness is high and you will not benefit from the free spot, you can still apply through the application process available on ESMO’s website. Please access the application process here.

Why apply?

Last year one enthusiastic member attended the course and is glad to share his thoughts about this experience.

Attending the ESMO-ESO Course for Medical Students in Valencia, as EMSA representative,resulted in a wonderful blend of experiences in this historic university city. It was an excellent opportunity to get an insight on how cancer is managed at the highest level, how extensive and diverse cancer research is, how the findings of cancer research are translated into guidelines and practice and how to start a career in the field of oncology. Having the foremost European experts in oncology as speakers, they did not only share facts, but also advice on professional and personal development, core values that aid the students in forging their careers, regardless of specialty.

The course also promoted diversity, having 61 participants from 27 countries. It was inspiring and extremely helpful to learn how different countries address the burden of cancer and to meet future colleagues in cancer care. ESMO managed to create an outstanding environment for new friendships between participants and interactions with the experts.

As EMSA representative, I had to deliver a presentation on EMSA and its activities related to science. The presentation was well received and the ESMO representatives were particularly interested in EMSA’s work on migrant and refugee health, opening new perspectives for collaboration.

The hard work ESMO does in initiating and integrating students in its line of work, establishes both new bridges between undergraduate and postgraduate education, as well as connecting various communities all around the world.

Therefore, I strongly recommend the ESMO-ESO course because it is much more than a course and it broadens the spectrum of possibilities in matters of career choice and career development!

Sebastian Curcean

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