WHY do we have training sessions, why need to improve our soft skills ?

So easy ! Not only during student life, while organizing a party, preparing a presentation with a group of students to professors, trying to find “ any funds” to your organization, but also in your professional life ; dealing with a co-worker like Gregory House or with a patient diagnosed hypochondriasis, your medical theoretical knowledge will unfortunately not save you from those situations. You will wish you had better ability/knowledge on communication, team working, fundraising, leadership, emotional intelligence and so on. That is the reason why we NEED to improve our soft skills.

What can an EMSAi expect from trainings ?

Basically ; getting acknowledged unconsciously under the effect of unlimited FUN. How ? Trainers organize their sessions for 4 types of learners ( for more info; visit David Kolbe’s adult learning styles ) which means not only theoretical information for theoretical learners but also activities for observers and activists and explanations for pragmatists ! In this way you will learn WHY, WHAT, HOW’s of the topic ☺ Also they will prepare handouts of the sessions for you to get benefit and recall the moments of session afterwards. If you are excited as we are, follow the topics and join us in Berlin! Trainers team is waiting for you !TNT

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