We are excited to announce this year’s Spring Assembly Project Fair will take place in Ljubljana at 4th of April, 15.00. The projects fair is the perfect platform for the faculty member organizations to promote their upcoming projects or share their latest projects with EMSAi all around the Europe. All members who are planning a unique project this year or has finished a successful EMSA project in their FMO are welcome to apply for this years fair.

In the fair the presenters will have a chance to present their projects.

If you have a international project which you are seeking attendants for or if you want to see your project to be known and hopefully be adopted in other FMO’s, this is your chance to make your case. All attendants are encouraged to bring any supplemental materials, such as photos, videos which will make their project stand out. If the presenter is going to show electronic material, they should bring their own laptop, tablet etc. However, please do not hesitate to list your needed materials in the list or by contacting us on the emails listed below.

Stands and other additional materials requested by the presenters will be ready for you in the fair. If there is any request that cannot be fulfilled, the presenter will be notified. In order to take a part in Projects Fair 2017, all presenters are required to fill this form by March 27th, 23.59 Brussels Time.

Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/OgLpvsXtEv5BcJ4m1

If you have any other questions, you can contact the VPI assistants; Tugce Cetin (vpi.projects.assistant@emsa-europe.eu) or Iulia Teodora Muth (vpi.pr.assistant@emsa-europe.eu)

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