EMSA Executive Boards @bvmd MV (Mitgliederversammlung – National General Assembly)

EMSA Executive Boards of 15/16 and 16/17 have been visiting bvmd National General Assembly between 11-13 of November in the lovely green German city; Aachen!

I have arrived in Aachen a bit later than planned, (like have driven more than 7 hours from Stuttgart 🙁 ) that is why could not catch the first part of the arrival day. Could only attend the AG speed-dating of European Integration branch of bvmd, which is mostly taking care of the EMSA relations of bvmd. It was a well led session on EMSA introduction by Sabrina (EMSA National coordinator for Germany) explaining people what the EMSA is about.

I do not know why but I feel like Germans usually like to sleep in gyms in sleeping bags at -15 degree inside temperature and have shower all together in the mornings. Thats why they usually rent a gym for accommodation of all participants with their sleeping bags. This is not my most favorable way of sleeping since I am not young anymore and thank God, it was also not the case for Laura, my dear German friend from EEB 15/16. Therefore she has kindly asked her friends from Aachen if we could dump in to their home for two nights during the MV time. They were kind enough to accept it. Thanks to Holger and Ilse; this is how we sorted the accommodation issue. (Nevertheless, I could not resist the cuteness of Halle and moved there with my sleeping bag on second night.)

After a cozy breakfast, the first working day, Saturday, has started with a very short welcoming from bvmd president, Sukhdeep Arora, which was followed by a welcome speech from acting dean (Prodekan) of Aachen Medical Faculty, Prof Tolba. After the elections of plenary team; the participants were introduced to the electronic voting system and plenary procedures. Then it continued with explanation of vacant positions for the new term.


It was very interesting to see many many vacant candidature positions (like %85 of all board positions were not candidated for). Also, almost all the annul reports were submitted late but they were all accepted by the members as not late.

After the adoption of late submitted documents, there was a very interesting discussion raised by bvmd VPE, Malte, that bvmd has been contacted by the German Health Ministry about the opinion of German medical students on “Organization of joint lectures for medical students and dentistry students”. He asked for opinions of bvmd members about a possible position paper from bvmd side and it was very interesting to hear to very different opinions from medical students all around Germany.

After the plenary, the beautiful AG-Zeit (something like our pillar sessions) has began. There were many sessions in parallel to each other: European Integration, Medical Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Scientific Exchange, Student Exchange, Public Health, Health Politics, and Human Rights. I have attended the European Integration session again together with Stefan, Iulia, Aria, Gerd, Jannis, Laura, Aphrodite from old and new boards. We have talked with our German members on how does being a EB/EEB member look like, what are expectations of our members from us, what do we expect from them etc. I have also led an energizer to wake people up: Horse Race!

After the lunch, EMSA EBs got separated from the AG session and went on with the EB meeting. Me, Jannis and Aphrodite have also attended the EB meeting to give our input on some specific issues we were asked to, such as the growth strategy of EMSA, EWE Agenda and EEB task ownership.

The second plenary has started with the discussions of dentistry-medicine curriculums and went on with the other policy/position paper proposals to the audience.

After the dinner, candidature presentations took place. Somehow bvmd members candidated to almost all of the open positions during the day, so there were many candidates in the end. It was a pity that externals had to leave the room during questions from members (not presentation though). I have watched the first presentation for VPI position which was well prepared and had to leave the room before questions started. As we had to do the same (go in for 5 min presentation and leave after each during questions and do the same again and again), we as externals decided to go to sit and chat 🙂 It was two Serbs, Gerd from the Maastricht/Netherlands, a Dutch speaking Belgian guy, Feli, Dominic from IFMSA and me. We had nice drinks together when candidates were sweating inside 🙂

At around 1 am, the buses left to party place. Me, Pascal, Jannis, Feli and Laura stayed at the venue for an hour so, to catch up and few drinks together. To finish the day before the party.

Coming to end, I wish all the best for the newly elected bvmd board with lots of success. I am sure that they will maintain their high level European activity in future with a strong team.

For me personally, this MV was also a very cool experience. I have faced with our German members’ hospitality at their national assembly and of course, to see my old and nice EMSA friends was priceless.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me under: safacansimd@gmail.com.

Dr. Safa Cansi

EMSA Alumnus

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