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EMSA Autumn Assembly 2016: Adopted Policies on electronic and mobile Health, Migrants and Refugee Rights, Gender and Sex Medicine, and Statement on collaboration in the European Union

The highest body of the European Medical Students’ Association, the EMSA General Assembly, has adopted four new policy statements:

Being a member of the renewed eHealth Stakeholder Group of the European commission, EMSA has laid out a comprehensive position on electronic and mobile Health (policy 2016-05), shedding light on potential benefits and challenges of eHealth solutions as well as providing key recommendations.

Migrant and Refugee Rights was the main topic of the previous EMSA Spring Assembly. EMSA adopted a statement taking a strong stance for universal healthcare and providing safe passageways to Europe (policy 2016-06).

Medical knowledge is constantly changing. Gender and sex medicine presents an important area of recent change in knowledge. In its statement on education on Gender and Sex Medicine, EMSA recognises that it has great influence on health, disease, health behaviour and medicine in general (policy 2016-07).

Additionally, in the light of recent developments in the European Union, EMSA has adopted a statement on collaboration with the European Union (policy 2016-08) with that would like to join the efforts and commitments of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) in affirming its collaboration with the European Institutions.

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