Scholarships available for online training course: Emotion Coaching

EMSA Europe proudly presents:

Nine Scholarships Available For Online Training Course: EmotionCoaching Basic

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“The EMSA family and the people I had the privilege to encounter through EMSA events had a profound impact on my life. I feel that now is the time to give back and I am grateful that I am given this opportunity. I am looking forward to coach and train you personally through this unique program.” –Matthias Behrends (Founder,

The Training

If you ever have desired to learn… – or wondered if there are 😉

  • Ways to “become the change you wish to see in the world” (you love this one?)
  • Methods to regulate your personal level of empathy,
  • Gain in emotional stability in challenging situations – on duty and elsewhere,
  • Ability to constructively handle relationships – with colleagues and personally,
  • Methods to tap into your superficial and deep resources,
  • Strategies to implement your progress in your work and personal life,
  • Ways to effectively help others to achieve all of the above…

… this is Your chance!

Every true opportunity for transformation involves both the professional and the personal “You” (which can and should not be separated, after all). Hence there are group sessions and individual sessions, as well as rich audiovisual materials:

  • up to 12 x 1.5hrs group sessions (webcam), once every two weeks, scheduled during weekends
  • 3-5 0.5 hr individual sessions (webcam)
  • up to 12 hours audio material (for stream/download)
  • several online presentations

All sessions will be held personally by founder M.B.


Upon successful completion of the training you will be certified with an EmotionCoaching Basic License which enables you to run EC coaching groups at EMSA events under supervision by an EC senior coach.

The Coach


With more than 4,000 hours of practical coaching experience, Behrends has dealt with a wide variety of topics in both the personal and business sphere. Since 2008 he has helped over 500 individual clients in 20 countries and with 40 nationalities. Behrends is privileged to count many peak-performers to his clients: professional athletes, CEOs and international artists.

Matthias Behrends has made presentations during high-level conferences in Spain, France, Norway, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Turkey. Topics included professional communication, personal development, domestic violence which he presented.

Behrends is managing director of Healing Souls International ( a nonprofit organization with the objective to provide further training in psychotrauma therapy and trauma pedagogy for professionals who assist populations in distress.

Save The Date!

>> Join The Open Info-Session on Sunday, March 29nd, 1100 a.m. CEST

Anyone interested can join-in for a Google Hangout that will be broadcasted at this date. Here you can sign-up for it ( You will receive a link to the video stream shortly before the broadcast starts.

For about one hour we have Matthias as a guest who will outline the concept of the training and happily answers your questions.

The Scholarship

The scholarship covers the complete cost of a 12-week program of (remote) group and individual sessions with Matthias (or another Emotion Coaching Master Level Coach, as required). You will be certified as Emotion Coaching Basic Level Coach.

This course format was designed exclusively for and in close collaboration with EMSA. A regular offer would be priced at about €2,500 per seat. The scholarship makes the whole course + certification available to you completely free of charge.

There are 9 (nine) seats and scholarships available in this round.


We are receiving applications for the scholarship as of now.

Deadline for applications is: 29th of March 23:59 CEST

(This puts the deadline on the evening after the Open Info-Session. So you can even first listen to this and later send out your application.)

Please email

  1. a picture of you and
  2. 500 English words on the subject:

“A moment in my life when I felt deeply fulfilled”

to to be considered.

By sending in your application you confirm to have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions at the end of this announcement.


How many seats are available?

As Matthias’ capacity is limited – and a group of 9 trainees already needs a great deal of attention – we have to limit this first round to one batch. Additionally, Google Hangout (our video platform of choice) has a limit of 9+1 participants, this will be the limit we have to get along with this time.

What happens if I don’t get a seat?

No one misses out. If you don’t get a seat this time you will be added to a closed list that receives periodical exclusive or early-preview contents from the “Doctors With Passion” Program by This alone makes your application worthwhile.

What happens if I cannot make it to a scheduled online session?

We know you’re busy, too! Online meetings will be scheduled during weekends approx. bi-weekly, 1.5hrs each, and well in advance, so you can plan accordingly. It is mandatory to attend 8 of 12 sessions for certification. As these sessions will focus on exchanging your experiences with Matthias and within the group, it is not a problem if you miss even a few sessions in a row.

Further questions?

Please get back to me at in case of any further inquiries. I will be happy to help!

Terms & Conditions, herein represented by Matthias Behrends, reserves the right to exclude any candidate or participant from the training program at any time.

At no point in time and under no circumstance will the value of the scholarship – neither complete, nor partly – be eligible to be paid out. The value of the scholarship is accessible exclusively through participation in this program as offered through EMSA.

Data Policy

In order to process your applications and provide the training, it is necessary, to exchange your submitted data, like for example your name, email-address and application files between EMSA and the office of

Through your application by email you confirm to have read and accepted the Privacy Policy which can be found at –

Merve Sezer YILDIRIM

European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA)
Human Resources Officer 2014-2015


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