echo – essen conference for hematology and oncology

The echo – essen conference for hematology and oncology – is a unique conference in Germany which wants to enthuse junior clinicians and junior scientists with the fields of Hematology, Oncology and Cancer Research as reflected in its motto:

inspire reseach

The echo will take place at the newly opend Teaching Unit at University Hospital Essen 15. – 17. April 2016 and is aimed at eagerly interested undergraduates in Medicine and Life Sciences. It will equip the participants with basic clinical and scientific knowledge, present them with the opportunity to gain experience in presentation of scientific data, connect with each other, discuss topics of research and patient care in close dialogue and receive new impulses for their own work.

This combination of educational aspects and interactive dialogue provides trainees with an excellent opportunity to acquire and extend widespread competences. In doing so, the echo would like to inspire junior clinicians and scientists to pursue a career in Hematology, Oncology and Cancer Research and encourage their dedication to these fields.

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echo 2015 –  70 participants from whole over Europe had a great time in Essen and were inspired by our great speakers.




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