CPME General Assembly in Tel Aviv, Israel

Above: Aria Ahadzada, EMSA Vice-President for External Affairs, with Professor Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer) Bottom Picture: Dr. Jacques de Haller, CPME President, and EMSA VPE

The CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors) General Assembly took place from November 17th to 19th in the mesmerizing city Tel Aviv in the State of Israel. Why Israel, you may be wondering? Israel is an Associated Member of CPME and thus kindly hosted this GA.

The Vice-President of External Affairs, Aría Ahadzada, was your EMSA representative at this meeting.

On November 18th, the Israel Medical Association kindly organized a guided tour to the Medical Simulation Center in the The Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. This tour included a workshop on risk management simulation.

In the afternoon, four workshops were offered by CPME on the following topics:

  1. Professional Practice and TTIP
  2. eHealth
  3. Diet, Nutrition and Physical Activity
  4. Pharmaceuticals
  5. Revision of CPME Statutes

The evening ended with delicious Israeli specialties at a joint reception dinner. The VPE met with Dr. Katrín Fjeldsted, the CPME immediate past president, the current president and vice president, Dr. Jacques de Haller and Dr. Bernard Maillet, the new secretary general Dr. Annabel Seebohm and many more.

On the second day the plenary started at 9 am sharp with a roll call. It was followed by Dr. Jacques de Haller, CPME President, handing over diplomas to previous members and thanking them for their work.

The Board Meeting took place during the first half of the plenary. The President’s as well as Secretary General’s report were presented and Internal Affairs were taken care of. Various policies were discussed, among them “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – Mutual Recognition Agreements”, “Diet, Nutrition and Physical Activity”, “Health Security”, “Access to medicines”, “CPME Statement on the Medical Treatment of Refugees” and “Professional Practice.”
The second half of the plenary consisted of Budget Planning, more Internal Affairs and finally reports from Associated Organizations, where Aria Ahadzada had the opportunity of presenting EMSA’s recent activities.

The next CPME General Assembly will be taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania, from April 7th-8th and EMSA is looking forward to deepening relations and intensifying our collaboration.

Please do not hesitate to contact the VPE if you have any further questions at vpe@emsa-europe.eu.


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