Challenges of doctor mobility in a changing Europe

Today EMSA is represented at the conference Challenges of doctor mobility in a changing Europe – standards and recognition of patient safety of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) hosted by the Senate of the Czech Republic in Prague.

During the conference challenges of students and doctor mobility are discussed and the participants dealt with the question whether Europe needs a common standard for medical schools, teaching hospitals and medical education and how much research is required in institutions teaching and training students to become medical doctors. Furthermore the spotlight is put on increasing mobility of medical doctors and students in Europe and the automatic recognition of medical licences within the EU.

The conference is attended by a number of internationally recognised experts in those fields and featured presentations of associations such as WHO Europe, the European Commission (DG for Internal Market, Industry , Entrepreneurship and SMEs), the European Medical Association (EMA) as well as several University Deans (such as Dr Dusan Suput, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana where the next EMSA Spring Assembly will be hosted in April 2017).

img_20161007_104731What is in for EMSA? The conference is attended by EMSA President Jannis Papazoglou who delivered a presentation with the topic “Overview of mobility of medical students in Europe” and presented EMSAs standpoint and policies of the recent past related to the topic, especially the EMSA policy on European Medical Doctorate (available on our web page) and outlaying the path of the revision of the 2006 EMSA policy on the topic of the European Core Curriculum which will proposed for revision in 2017.

The presentation was very well received by the participants and many followup questions where asked. EMSA would kindly like to thank AMSE and its President Professor Peter Dieter for the kind invitation and the opportunity to present out policies and work and is looking forward an a fruitful collaboration with AMSE.

Author: Jannis Papazoglou, EMSA President


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