Dear EuroMeds Editorial Member-to be,

We are looking for enthusiastic people to work in our Editorial Team for the Autumn Assembly 2017 issue of EuroMeds. The theme of the conference and the magazine is Antimicrobial resistance.

Below you can find the positions available, along with their detailed position:

Associate Editor:

In conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief, the associate editors would also work on the main theme and direction of the editorial. They would also take part in the creation of an outline for the magazine to follow and help to determine the orientation of the articles received from our contributors to create a well elaborated, high-standard material for the magazine.

Content designers:

They would contribute to the issue with producing a design concept for the entire magazine, drawing up the layout of the editorial and creative work on how to make EuroMeds AA 2017 a professional piece of work.


In order to create the most correct and precise magazine we need the help of some English specialists, who make sure that the language and syntax of our articles are in the best shape. They’re responsible for making our enthusiastic authors’ valuable articles perfect in every aspect (grammar, punctuation, spelling).

Marketing and communication contact person:

This new member of our editorial team would make EuroMeds as famous as it can be. This member of our staff would do all the work with media appearances such as different online forums, facebook, twitter or find other organizations who would help to make more publicity for our magazine.

Last but not least our magazine cannot be created without our precious Contributors. We need their passion for writing articles about this important topic to show the most aspects of antimicrobial resistance. We would open a call for our theme writers on 25th May, so you have some time to emerge in the topic, get the greatest and most creative ideas. We really need your well-formulated thoughts to create sharp texts and quality writing.

Do not be afraid to step up and show your talent to everyone! We welcome all the enthusiastic and hardworking members in our team! 

If you wish to apply for any of these positions please send an e-mail explaining your motivation and a short CV to:

The DEADLINE for applicants for the Editorial Team is: 2nd June 2017 1.00pm CEST.

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