Call for Vacant Positions: VPC, EHPD 16/17 and EuroMeds EiC AA2017

Dear EMSA members,

Are you an EMSA member with experience on the European scale, or have the blue spirit for it?  Do you feel competent to lead the association’s public relations, event planning and training coordination, are you interested in the Health System of Europe and the policy making process within Europe or in our unique magazine: EuroMeds? Then seize this opportunity to step up to the European level and join the EMSA European Board of 2016-2017!


Call for applications:

In order for applications to be valid, they must include

and be sent on time to

*The appointments (excluding EiC) will be made by EMSA European Board and will be confirmed by GA during the Autumn Assembly 2017 in Budapest!

Vice President of Capacity (VPC) 2016/2017

Please note that this position has been empty for more than 8 weeks, and a possible candidate will be highly supported by current Executive Board members with all possible tasks.

The VPC shall:

  • Coordinate and assist the EMSA European Board with EMSA marketing and public relations

  • Coordinate EMSA publications and assist the directors with EMSA publications.

  • Be responsible for the development of promotional material for EMSA.

  • Ensure that the related services (website, mailing lists, etc.) are functional and updated at all times.

  • Coordinate EMSA’s activities on public relations.

  • Be responsible for the organisation of EMSA events together with the TEO.

  • Be responsible to further develop EMSA Trainings System and capacity building together with the TEO.

  • Be responsible for the maintenance of the EMSA Visual Identity Manual and report about it to the General Assembly.

  • Be responsible for the maintenance of EMSA Intranet.

European Health Policy Director (EHPD) 2016/2017

Ever thought about leading your own pillar? This is your chance!
  • Coordinate all tasks related to EMSA activities in the field of European health policy, especially related to initiatives and projects on the EU health framework and agenda.

  • Monitor the public consultations and calls for working groups of the European Commission together with the Vice-President for External Affairs (VPE).

  • Establish and maintain contacts with other institutions pursuing similar objectives and activities.

  • Lead EMSA’s work in terms of patient empowerment and maintain contact with patients’ associations.

  • Lead EMSA’s work in terms of healthcare services and workforce and assist the VPE in coordinating the collaboration with the European Medical Organisations.

  • Head a working committee consisting of medical students committed to the field of interest, as appropriate.

  • Be responsible for coordination of pillar projects as defined by the Internal Rules or as appointed by the Executive Board.

  • Be responsible for their European Support Division.

EuroMeds Editor in Chief AA2017: Antimicrobial Resistance

Did you ever think of creating your own magazine? EMSA can help you put first difficult step in this direction! We are now looking for an Editor in Chief for the main EMSA publication: EuroMeds to be released at our Autumn Assembly 2017 (2-7th September 2017, Budapest, Hungary). Here is your chance to take charge as the Editor in Chief of Euromeds AA’17 with the theme “Antimicrobial Resistance”. If you have any experience with magazines, good crisis management and leadership skills, knowing also how to be a team player, if you are good with words and have an esthetical eye, if you know how to motivate people and help them work more efficiently, then you are good to go.

What will you do as the Editor in Chief?

The Editor in Chief will be able to use EMSA channels in order to gather the EMSA EuroMeds crew of preference: authors, proof-readers and layout designers. The EiC regulates the whole creating and publishing process of Euromeds. First, you will open a call to gather interested EMSAi from all over Europe to create yourself an editorial team. Then you will have to coordinate the editorial team and our precious contributors until we get all the articles. After all the proofreading is done, will come the hard work stage. With the help of the designers, you will put all pieces together and make the magazine ready for publishing. The VPE/VPC will create a timeline with you and regularly communicate with and assist you in the development of the EuroMeds magazine.



If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We very much look forward to receiving your candidatures!

Kind regards,

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