Call for Euromeds SA’17 Editor in Chief

Dear EMSA Members,

EMSA publishes our very own magazine Euromeds every assembly with the help of our members. Here is your chance to take charge as the Editor in Chief of Euromeds SA’17 with the theme “Raising Healthcare Professionals to Avoid Stigmatisation”. If you have any experience with magazines, good crisis management and leadership skills, knowing also how to be a team player, if you are good with words and have an esthetical eye, if you know how to motivate people and help them work more efficiently, then you are good to go.

What will you do as the Editor in Chief?

The EiC regulates the whole creating and publishing process of Euromeds. First, you will create yourself an editorial team. Then you will have to coordinate the editorial team and our precious contributors until we get all the articles. After all the proofreading is done, will come the hard work stage. With the help of the designers, you will put all pieces together and make the magazine ready for publishing.

What will you gain personally from this experience ?

Firstly, it pulls the best of you out of the shadows knowing that such an important position is given to you. You learn to lead a team to success and overcoming obstacles with them. You get to meet very talented people in very different areas. Lastly, when you finally get to see the success of what you created from the scratch, makes you so proud of yourself and your team.

How can you apply?

In order for a candidature to be valid, it must include

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation Letter with a plan of action included (the template provided by the European Board must be used)
  • Certification of EMSA membership, no older than two months (signed by either one Local Coordinator of the respective FMO or in case of an Individual Member the Individual Membership Certificate)

and must be sent to on time.

The deadline for the applications is 3rd December 2016 23.59 Brussels time.

Hope you step up to experience this journey. If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Board (

Europeanly Yours,

İrem Nur Kiraz

EMSA VPC 2016-2017

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