Call for EUROMEDS Editorial Team for AA2016

Dear EMSAi ,

As the new assembly approaches, we will start to work on the new issue of EuroMeds for Autumn Assembly 2016 in Prishtina, Kosovo. Therefore we will need a strong editorial team who will create the best Euromeds so far. This year the subject we will be working on is Mental Health.

Positions :

Associate Editor ( Co-editor ) :

In conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief, the associate editor is required to craft the direction the editorial and work to find topics for productive debates as well as, brilliant expositions. They would also be responsible for  the creation of an outline for the magazine to follow and orientation of the articles received from our contributors to suit the best-plotted way.

Content designers:

They would be charged with producing a design concept for the cover page of the magazine, drawing up the entire design-theme of the editorial and creative work on how to make EuroMeds AA 2016 an eye-catching editorial.


As the articles come in thick and fast, it would be up to our English specialists to make sure the language and syntax of our articles are in tip-top shape. They’re responsible for making our enthusiastic authors’ valuable articles perfect in every aspect ( grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.). We will go over every single letter again and again with utter obsessiveness until we’re sure that there are no mistakes.

Other helpers:

This group will help us make Euromeds the best possible EMSA publication to date in WHATEVER way they can that hasn’t been listed above. Their help can be enlisted in form of financial support, link-up with relevant international organisations, introducing us to relevant professionals who cover the scope of our theme and any other way relevant to our mission.

Aside from the Editorial Team we also need Contributors:

The EuroMeds contributors are the flesh of the magazine and they are by far the most loose. Their obligation is simple: WRITE, WRITE and WRITE. Euromeds contributors are expected to take on topics of their interest concerning our overall theme and put it down the way their minds tell them everyone else should. The only thing contributors do is to express themselves clearly and creatively, taking readers of our magazine on a tremendous ride of extremely valuable and well-built content.

Do not be afraid to step up and show your potential to everyone ! We will be waiting to welcome you into our team.

Applicants should indicate their interest by sending a mail explaining their motivation to:

The DEADLINE for applicants for the Editorial Team is: 12th June 2016 1.00pm CEST

Europeanly Yours,
Irem Nur KIRAZ | EMSA EuroMeds Editor-in-Chief

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