CALL for EMSA European Meetings in 2017!

Dear EMSA members,

Are you interested in hosting an EMSA Event such as European Week of Ethics (EWE), EMSA Training Center of Excellence (Training New Trainers) or Autumn Assembly in 2017?
Do you want to bring the “E” of EMSA into YOUR FMO? Are you proud of your city and you wish to share it with an awesome group of medical students from all around the continent?
If you are up for a challenge, this is your chance!
EMSA European Events of 2017
European Week of Ethics 2017 Autumn Assembly 2017 Training Center of Excellence 2017
Meeting for around 70 participants Meeting for around 200 participants Meeting for around 12-15 participants and 4-5 trainers
Held in January-February* Held in September* Held in July-August*
3-4 working days** 4-5 working days** up to 10 working days**
Workshops, presentations, trainings, movie sessions Plenaries, pillar sessions, workshops, trainings, NC meetings Training New Trainers
* Dates are just proposed and coming from tradition. If you are available for another date, please contact us!
** Full working days, not counting the arrival/departure day
In order to submit your candidature, please fill in the attached TEMPLATE together with your draft budget and send it back to the VPI by 5th of OCTOBER, 11 pm Brussels Time! For more information on EMSA European Meetings, please consult the Internal Rules or the EB.
Related attachment: Events Draft Budget.
All candidatures should be sent to until given time.
Should you have any questions or remarks pertaining this, please feel free to contact me or Training and Events Officer ( for details of each event, anytime!
With our best regards

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