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We are excited to tell that the call for EuroMeds Contributors is open from 25th May. The main theme of the magazine is Antimicrobial resistance. As this is a growing and highly urgent topic nowadays we would like to ask you to share your thoughts and ideas with us about this topic.

In this new issue of EuroMeds we would like to put an emphasis on the multi-disciplinar view of this topic so we encourage all our future health care professional colleagues to join with us to create a well elaborated and professional content.

About Antimicrobial resistance

This part of the magazine would outline the whole topic of antimicrobial resistance, telling the current situation, WHO policies regarding this topic, and presenting the whole issue from a multi-angle view.


These articles about education would focus on the role of education for health care professionals and patients about the importance of AMR. Health literacy could also be an important topic to talk about regarding AMR . Reducing infection rates, fighting against nosocomial infection, providing more transparency in healthcare and putting checks in place to prevent mistakes could lead to higher patient safety which can be an achievable goal for future health care professionals.

Fighting against AMR

How can we solve the problem of antimicrobial resistance? How can we stop the growth of anti-vaccine movement? The future is in our hands, we have to take actions to stop the spread of multiresistant organisms.

If you got inspired by any of these topics, or have a great idea on antimicrobial resistance, do not hesitate to join the AA’2017 Editorial Team of EuroMeds. Feel free to write about the importance of this topic, share your thoughts with the world and be a part of a great team that creates professional and valuable content.

If you wish to be a Contributor, please send us an article about Antimicrobial resistance and a short CV to:

The DEADLINE for Contributors to submit an article is: July 18th 1 AM CEST.

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