CALL – European Support Divisions

Dear EMSAi,

The Department of Internal Affairs of the EMSA European Board is looking for team members for the European Support Divisions!

What is a European Support Division?

A European Support Division (ESD) is an international network of people working on a project on the European Level by sharing ideas, preparing handbooks and starting promotions. Every pillar has a European Support Division, coordinated by the Pillar Director. Being part of a ESD allows you to be directly involved in the shaping of EMSA projects, to work together with people from many different countries and to work on your own ideas on an European level. Your work helps achieving the most for our pillars. The sky is the limit!

Who could join the European Support Division?

EVERYONE, motivated and passionate to work on EMSA projects! 🙂
You don’t need a lot of experience, just enthusiasm!

How can I subscribe?

Just pick a pillar and subscribe by filling in this form! The deadline is the 15th of November.

Which pillars can I get involved in?

There are five pillars you can choose from:

> Medical Education

Medical education pillar is for those passionate about teaching, learning, training and gaining new skills. Here we encourage everyone to brainstorm with us, to work together on progressing and improving quality of the medical education system in Europe. No matter what we do – play with children in a Teddy Bear Hospital, attend scientific, social, multicultural Summer Schools or being part of AMEE Students Task Force, what can really make a difference is commitment behind. Are you curious to know how we do it? Would you like to change your study environment? It’s easy, just join Medical Education ESD.

> Medical Ethics & Culture

Ideas do not develop with growth hormone, but discussions. Some scars can’t be healed by drugs, but music. We are not human for our cells, tissues, organs, and systems, but for our ideas, feelings, our art, our perspective. We won’t become medical doctors only through our books, but through our morals, our affection, our humanity. Looking forward to discuss an ethical dilemma? Or organizing a concert? Running after movies, writing about what inspires you? Or do you have something better in mind? Can’t wait to hear about it. Join the Medical Ethics and Culture ESD today!

> Public Health

Are you passionate about solving some of the worlds toughest medical problems? Do you want to help patients, not one, but tens and thousands at a time? Are you interested to find how medicine interacts with economy, politics, education and society in general? Join the GREEN team: the Public health pillar, where the whole world is our laboratory and the future health of nations is at stake. Make a real impact and work for change that will last for generations and for the benefit of all!

> Medical Science

Medical Science rocks! The very best medical practitioners will tell you: research skills are vital for your successful career! In this pillar you will find all essential information about European research institutes, you will become a part of exciting practical skills workshops and will make an impact on the Open Access future. You will be able to get all the basic skills where to look for research ideas, where to learn about medical statistics and most important – EMSA will offer you a wide variety of scientific conferences all around Europe to present your research.Want to become part of this? Join our European Support Division!

> European Integration
Have you ever heard about most famous project Twinning? Of course yes. Are you interested to be more involved in it? Will this project be organised not only between EMSA FMO’s ? Nope… There is intercontinental TP and TP between different student organizations waiting just for you. Let us work together! And that’s not all – We all are going to become professional Doctors! Lets get insight which skills should we have? Humanity? What is the first step we should begin with? We have unique projects Best Buddy and Different Christmas. Together we can begin with this – let’s smile all together! By the way keep in mind that there is needed Project Coordinator for each project 🙂

Where can I get more info?

Just contact any of the members of the Department of Internal Affairs! You’ll find their contact details below.

Looking forward to working with you!

Europeanly yours, 

EMSA European Board, Department of Internal Affairs

Medical Education Director: Kristina Filipova,

Medical Ethics & Culture Director: Safa Canşi,

Public Health Director: Aiferaomo A. Adeola,

Medical Science Director: Jorune Suipyte,

European Integration Director: Daria Gheorghe

Vice-President of Internal Affairs: Lara Teheux,

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