Winners of the EMSA Blue Star Award

◊  Sebastian Curcean (Romania, NCM 2014)
◊  Isha Crossley (Netherlands, GA 2014)
◊  Umut Kaan Ünal (Turkey, SA 2015)
◊  Dewi Blom (Netherlands, AA 2015)
◊  Aleks Šuštar (Slovenia, SA 2016)

The EMSA Blue Star Award

This award is meant to be presented twice a year, at the two General Assemblies. The EMSA Blue Star Award is dedicated for that one special person that inspires you. That person that runs that extra mile for EMSA. That person who is always ready to help out, who is always available. That person who has a heart for EMSA. That person that takes dedication to the next level.

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