For their Autumn Assembly EMSAi met in Berlin from 16th to 20th of September. While the pre-AA dealt with the topic of Open Access, the Autumn Assembly was held under the topic of ‘Doctors of the future’.

EMSA Access in Action

This awesome event brought over 30 people from ten different countries together, from all healthcare professions. Topics were ‘Open Access’, ‘Management in Research for Young Researchers’, ‘Scientific Writing’ and a lot of other interesting topics. Funded by FACILITATE OPEN SCIENCE TRAINING FOR EUROPEAN RESEARCH (FOSTER) this was a remarkable opportunity for EMSAi to widen their wisdom and experience in Open Access Technology.

As always, a lot of things were dicussed during Autumn Assembly. Policies regarding TTIP or Interprofessional Education are only one part of our work in Berlin.

Doctors of the Future

As we are a medical students’ organisation, medical education is very important for us. This year, Prof. Madalena Patrício, Lisbon, Portugal, gave a very inspiring talk about the engagement and comitment of medical students about medical education.

This Autumn Assembly was the kick-off meeting for our Joint European Peorjects (JEPs) which are interprofessional and longterm projects dedicated to the topics of Gender Medicine, Interprofessional Education and Migrants and Refugees Rights. Close to that the most of the sessions dealt with topics in relation to that fields.

Blue Star Award

On both of our biannual meetings we assign the Blue Star Award which acknowledge abundant merits of EMSAi. This Autumn Assembly’s Laureate was Demi Blom (Netherlands), for his outstanding commitment to EMSA.

To make this event even more blue-spiritual the first ever EMSA president Christophe Laurent (Belgium) visited us and gave an encouriging talk why EMSA’s work is still so important.