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EMSA treasurer and resource development offıcer ıntervıew Kubilay Kaymaz EMSA Treasurer 2017-2018 Batuhan ocbe EMSA Resource Development Officer 2017-2018 1. please tell us about your work ın emsa: KUbilay: I am responsible for the financial management of our association. I am taking care of the official bank accounts and legal bookkeeping of EMSA Europe. I am also responsible for the collection of membership fees, invoices and receipts. batuhan: As Resource Development Officer, I try to bring all kinds of opportunities to EMSA Members. Whether you want to send a package to your friend to Latvia, or a free Summer School in Egypt, I’m the one to help you with that. All sorts of beneficial sponsorships and partnerships are under my supervision. Also, this year, I am trying to handle the Human Resources side within EMSA European Board. 2. what is your favourite moment in emsa ? Kubilay: When I meet my friends all around Europe on the first day of EMSA international events. batuhan: After the majestic European Village Party in AA2017 Budapest, our first time Scottish EMSA member, Ash had to leave for the airport due to an early flight. We said our sad goodbyes and so on, put him in a taxi and went to bed for a couple hours of shut eye; just to find him in the Hotel Lobby in the morning. He mentioned that he liked the atmosphere so...

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EEB Week Day 2: Meet the Vice President of Internal Affairs and Vice President of Capacity!

EMSA Vıce president of internal affairs and vice president of capacity ıntervıews Cristina Fogas EMSA Vice President for Internal Affairs 2017-2018 Tugce Cetin EMSA Vice President of Capacity 2017-2018 1. please tell us about your work ın emsa: Cristina: Internal Affairs mostly means that I am in charge of the Department of Internal Affairs and its beloved directors. What does being in charge actually mean? From the very beginning of the term we set out the plan for the upcoming term, focus areas, needs of our members and opportunities for EMSA to get involved in. The pillar directors are the bridge between the European level and the local level, meaning that they set the tone for the projects to be implemented and other activities to be carried out. During the EMSA events I am in charge of the Twinning and Projects Fair and for the good organisation of the pillar sessions. Tugce: As the Vice President of Capacity, I am responsible of coordinating EMSA European Board’s efforts on public relations, coordination and assistance on EMSA publications, including EuroMeds, developing promotional material for EMSA, overseeing the functionality of EMSA platforms (Website, social media, intranet), organization of EMSA events and meetings, developing the capacity building of the organization, maintaining the corporate identity of EMSA, and development of EMSA Trainings System with EMSA Trainings and Events Officer. 2. what is your favourite moment in emsa ?...

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EEB Week Day 1: Meet the President and Secretary General!

EMSA President and secretary general ıntervıew Teuta a. azızı EMSA President 2017-2018 Nikolaos c. Xifaras EMSA Secretary General 2017-2018 1. please tell us about your work ın emsa: Teuta: I am responsible for the management of the EMSA European Board and coordination of the Executive Board. I also represent EMSA towards external relations while maintaining and establishing contacts with relevant institutions being them (non-)medical, (non-)students, European and international entities. I am co-responsible for the financial stability of the organisation together with the Treasurer and the functionality of the alumni network together with the Alumni Coordinator. I prepare preliminary agendas for board meetings and face to face meetings and chairperson them and do my best to ensure that the objectives of EMSA Statutes and Internal Rules are observed. Nick: My job in EMSA can be boiled down to two words: communication and governance. I am responsible for overseeing the internal communications of EMSA, for ensuring the quality of the minutes and other important documents of our meetings and for the contact between the European level and the national and local members. Additionally, a big part of my job is the registration and management of the members, the administration of the EMSA internal structure and the maintenance of our governance documents, like the Statutes and Internal Rules. 2. what is your favourite moment in emsa ? teuta: There are many great memories,...

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EMSA European Board Face-to-Face Meeting in Athens, 15-18 December 2017

Between 15-18th of December, EMSA European Board had a Face-to-face meeting in Athens, Greece. 12 board members gathered to discuss various subjects and planned for the year. The meeting was extremely productive  with many crucial items being discussed and decided upon among board members. The meeting consisted of three working days, one open day, and one day of excursion and teambuilding. EMSA European Board wholeheartedly thanks HelMSIC Athens for their immense efforts in hosting the board members. The agenda of the meeting with overview of the discussions can be found below for your convenience. DECEMBER 15TH, 2017 EMSA IN HELMSIC MILK TREE In 15th of December, EMSA EEB visited the Milk Tree event and contributed to the tree and celebrations, which was co-hosted by Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) – Greece and HelMSIC-Athens. The tins of milk that was donated by volunteers and Athenians throughout the day will be distributed to thousands of households in need across Greece during the holiday season. This unique way of celebration in front of the historic Athens University was a great way to remind everyone the beauty of solidarity. Expectation, SupCo and NC Relations with EEB After visiting the Milk Tree, the EEB gathered and officially started the F2F meeting by discussing the general expectations for the term. Then, the board discussed the relationship between SupCo and EEB and the results of the joint EB-SupCo...

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The Vacant Positions & Open Calls page is updated with many new calls!

The vacant positions and open calls page in our website, in which various calls are shared throughout the year is updated with many new calls once again! To explore the five ongoing calls, refer to the Join the European Level button located on the right side of the screen.   Current calls: Calls for hosts to the Training Center of Excellence 2018 Second combined call for assistants and PAC Second call for the Vice President of External Affairs Interim AMEE Student Task Force Coordinators call EMSA Permanent Officer to the...

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