Alcohol Policy Youth Conference

Interested on alcohol? Looking forward to start a project, and advocacy campaign or a research project but missing the necessary tools? Or have you started a brilliant project in your FMO, but you need some extra tools or you would like to start yet another brilliant project?

APYN has the solution for you! The European Alcohol Policy and Youth Conference (EAPYC), in Bursa (Turkey), this December, from the 10th to the 16th! With the usual quality of APYN, you can choose from three topics, each with beginners, intermediate or advanced level:

Development of alcohol related projects (beginner/advanced), aimed at those who would like to start working in the field of alcohol and those who would like to improve their already existing projects

Youth research (intermediate/advanced), aimed at those willing to work on scientific research regarding alcohol and youth

Alcohol policy, advocacy and lobbying (intermediate/advanced), aimed at those willing to influence local, national and international authorities on alcohol policy and advocacy

Everything (lodging, boarding, training materials, local transport) is included, for the following (amazing!) fees:

Regular applicants: 15th November 2014 – 80,00 euros

Late applicants: after 16th November 2104 – 100,00 euros

Last but not least, you will have several EMSA trainers and EMSAi there, so it is also an opportunity for further networking.

Don’t miss your chance and apply now here! Let’s spread the Blue Spirit!

Sofia Ribeiro, MD

EMSA Vice President External Affairs 2012/2013

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